Fabricating Prismatic Architected Materials

Last updated: 11-2019

Do you want to make models of our reconfigurable structures, this movie shows an overview of the fabrication.

Download the corresponding files and explanation to build these structures here: Fabrication Files and Procedure Reconfigurable Materials

Fabricating Tunable Segmented Soft Actuators

Last updated: 06-2017

My tutorial on Tunable Segmented Soft Actuators has been granted the runner-up prize of the 2016 Soft Robotics Design Competitions in the category for the most significant contribution to fundamental research in soft robotics.

Download all the corresponding files via: Soft Robotics Toolkit


Introduction to Abaqus Script

Last updated: 01-2015

At Harvard University I worked a lot with Abaqus, there I was the first to start using the Python script interface of Abaqus. Several colleagues asked me to show them how scripting works, so I decided to write a short tutorial about the Abaqus script interface. Since then, the tutorial has been used in an advanced course for Abaqus at Harvard University.

Download the pdf: Learn Abaqus Script In One Hour
Chinese translation: 一小时学会Abaqus脚本  

To get even more acquainted with the Abaqus script interface, I have also added my Matlab and Python files from my project on buckling of periodic structures. These files are only meant to give an example.

Download the files: Example Abaqus Script

Periodic Boundary Conditions in Abaqus

Last updated: 01-2015

I have written a function in Abaqus script to apply periodic boundary conditions to either 2D or 3D unit cells. This function works well for a rectangular or brick shaped unit cell with not too many elements, but should also work for unit cells with different geometry. The files also contain examples on how to use the function. Make sure to check the final boundary conditions, any comments to improve the function are more than welcome!

Download the files: Periodic Boundary Conditions

CFD Matlab

Last updated: 05-2011

Here I present an implementation of the solution for the discretized 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. I used a collocated grid to discretize the equation. To avoid checkerboard patterns I used a pressure-correction method. The problem that is solved by the Matlab program is the simple 2D pipe flow problem, but boundary conditions can be changed easily.

Download the Matlab files: Navier-Stokes Solver Matlab

Download some documentation of the equations used in the code: Navier-Stokes Discretization Documentation

Connecting Abaqus to Matlab

Last updated: 01-2015

I use Abaqus scripting to connect Abaqus with Matlab. I have seen colleagues struggling when writing large text files for the Abaqus input files. This can be avoided by scripting. To learn how to run Abaqus from Matlab and how these programs can interact with each other, you can download the Python script and Matlab files as an example.

Download the files: Abaqus Matlab Connection

Meshless Methods

Last updated: 05-2012

When writing my Master's thesis I was working on Meshless Methods. One of the methods I have been working on is the Element-Free Galerkin (EFG) method. Below you can find a Matlab implementation of the EFG method, applied to the exemplary problem of a 2D cantilever beam.

Download the Matlab files: EFG Matlab

Similarly, I have implemented the MLPG mixed collocation method:

Download the Matlab files: MLPG Mixed Collocation Matlab