Best Graduate Ceremony

Today, the Delft University Fund hosted the award ceremony of the best graduate and best lecturer of the university in the academic year 2011-2012. After the inspiring opening speech from rector prof. Karel Luyben, all award winners gave a short presentation on the contents of their research projects.

Unfortunately, I could not make it to the Netherlands to attend the ceremony in person. For this reason I taped my presentation in advance so it could be shown today. I enjoyed the ceremony via a Skype connection, and two of my dearest friends accepted the award on my behalf. It was truly a festive event!

I am very grateful to the 3mE faculty dean Theun Baller for recommending me for this honor. I wish to express my gratitude to my thesis supervisors Matthijs Langelaar and Fred van Keulen for their constructive criticism and for allowing and supporting me to pursue my own research ideas.

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